Volunteering for Shows with The Amazing Acro-Cats


We currently use the doodle sign up for organizing and contacting volunteers.  Links can be found by the show that you are interested in helping out for.

  • If you are unable to sign up for a shift that means we do not have any availability left for that shift, all slots have been signed up for.  Please list in the comments if you are able to be a back up for those shifts. 

  • Volunteer duties are (but not limited to) working box office or merchandise table, cat care (yes scooping boxes!) cleaning and general maintenance, arts and crafts like helping us make and assemble some of our merchandise, as well as heavy lifting (only if you choose load in and load out shifts.)  If you are unable to do any of these tasks please notify us before your arrival so we can better accommodate you.

  • We will email you a few days before our first show day to remind you that you signed up for a shift, where you will receive a welcome letter as well as a waiver to fill out, sign, and bring to your first shift.  If you cannot bring the waiver or you do not receive an email just come to your shift anyway and a waiver will be provided. 

  • We really do appreciate all the hard work our volunteers provide and we hope you have fun!  

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