Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteering for the

Amazing Acro-Cats Shows


1. Do I get to see the show for free? 
Yes!  You get to see the show fur free, but we do have a deadline to get you on the volunteer list to see the show. If you wait until the last minute to sign up we might be at capacity. 
Also, being on the volunteer list doesn't guarantee you a seat.   If you want to guarantee having a seat, we recommend buying a ticket.  We do try our best to get you seats.

2. Do we get to pet the cats? 
We need you to ask before petting and feeding the cats at any time.  All of the cats are on special diets and some of them do not like to be held or pet (they are cats after all!) 

At the end of the show, there are two cats that everyone can pet!  Just remember to follow the instructions of Acro-cat crew only. 

3. What will I be actually doing when I volunteer at the shows? 
We need a variety of personality types and skill levels to help us before and after the shows.
Below are more detailed descriptions of what it takes to make the show successful – how many people we need for each shift, when and what they do.  Please note that all work is done before and after the shift, and not during the purrformances: 

- Loading in the show: 
As many people as we can get to help. This shift is always the very first shift on the schedule. These volunteers need to be able to lift heavy gear, as well as help unload the bus and set up the stage, lobby, and green room areas.
- Ushers (where applicable):
Minimum 2 people per show. These volunteers assist people to their seats before the show as well as make sure people are not crowding the stage during the meet and greet right after the show.
Box office (where applicable):
We need minimum 2 people before the show, checking tickets and/or a will call list. This is a people person job. This is usually paired with stage work w/the cats.
A minimum of 2 people before and after the show.  This is a people person job selling merchandise.
- Cat loading in and break times:
We would need minimum 2 people before the first show and in between shows. Helping carry cats from the bus to start the day as well as to their green rooms in between shows.  This is usually paired with cleaning jobs.
Stage work with the cats:
Needed are 3-4 people at the end of a show onstage helping with the band members.  For those volunteers who love to be in front of a crowd and are into clicker training – please note you will wear costumes like cat ears, tails, and vests in order to be on stage during the show!
- Cat ear sales person:
1-2 people before the show.  For the volunteer who loves cat puns, loves to be in front of a crowd making jokes, and selling things!
- The cats' green rooms and stage cleaning:
2 people after the last show per day cleaning litter boxes, sweeping, and cleaning out treat bags. This is usually paired with loading out cats.
- Loading out cats back to their bus: 
2 people right after the last show, each day.
- Loading out the show: 
2-6  people to help break down and clean carriers, help clean the stage props, pack bags and bins, and carry items out to the bus.  This is the very last shift on the schedule and requires some heavy lifting.
Note: During the course of one shift, most people will be assigned more than one of these jobs. (Example someone can help get the cats back to the bus as well as clean the cats’ green rooms after the shows.)

4. When I sign up for a shift, do I show up at the time on the schedule or do I come early?  
You come to the show at the time designated on the schedule. No need to arrive early.

5. I signed up for a shift, now what?  
You are responsible for remembering what date and time you signed up for and what kind of shift. 
We will send you a welcome letter about one week before the shows starts.  Then we will send you a follow up email to remind you a day or two before the show. 
If you want to make sure you are on the list to see the show for free we need you to confirm your shift after we send out the welcome letter.  Please do not let that deter you from volunteering though, we can probably still get you in, just remember to email us first!  We also recommend sending any emails before you arrive to answer any questions you might have about volunteering.

6. If I sign up for a load in or load out shift do I still get to see the show?
Yes!  We will automatically assume you are coming to the show that is either right after or right before the load in or load out shift.  If you want to come to a different show please let us know first, we need to make sure we don’t go over capacity in the venue.

7. I signed up for a shift after you sent out the welcome letter. What do I do now?
Email us to see if we can add you to the volunteer list. 
Depending on shift availability we will still try to get you in, but it becomes more difficult the longer you wait to sign up. 

8. I signed up but never received a welcome letter, what do I do now?
See #7.

9. Do I need to wear anything special or prepare before my volunteer shift?
No, you can come as you are, but we encourage you to wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting some cat fur, glitter, or litter on. 
If you are feeling fancy, purple, black, and silver are our show colors and cat attire is encouraged!  Show your cat purride!  Anyone who does stage work will be required to wear show colors, cat ears, and a vest in order to be on stage. 

10. Where do we go?
The venue address is listed on the sign up page or in the welcome letter.  Go to the venue at the time you have signed up for.  

11. What do we do when we get there?
Debbie is the person you check in with when you show up for your shift. 
If you sign up for a load in shift, you most likely will be meeting her at our big purple cat bus.  If you sign up for a shift that is right before a show, then you meet up with her at the Merchandise table.  If you sign up for a load out shift, you will also be meeting up with her at the merchandise table after the show.  
When in doubt, run around shouting Debbie! 

12. I don’t know what I am doing, help!
No worries, just email us and let us know.  We can always walk you through it. 

Thank you so much for your purrticipation,  we rely on our volunteers a lot to make the show a success for the cats so we know how much you mean to us!


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