Pinky "The Artist"

On August 30, 2012...Pinky, our beloved guitar-playing kitty, lost her battle with breast cancer. RIP

Fur covered toy mice, dangly things, sleeping in, the top tier of the cat perch, hotel rooms, and Samanthas pillow. She has expensive taste when it comes to treats during her purr-formances, and demands fresh salmon or sushi, lightly seared on both sides…rare in the middle.

Dogs, getting her fur rumpled, any monkey business during rehearsals or purr-formance from the other band members. She has little tolerance for her daughter Dakota’s and Fiji’s rivalry with the drums and reminds them to focus on their art.

Pinky is very fastidious about her living quarters and always keeps her condo immaculate. When it comes to purr-forming, Pinky is more cynical about the show biz world and demands treats up front before playing a note. She is the most dedicated member of the band and never misses a rehearsal and takes her music very seriously.

How did Pinky become an Acro-Cat?
Pinky is the mother of Dakota and daughter of Tuna.

Signature Trick:
Pinky strums the guitar with her dewclaw. She is perfecting picking and hopes to master Flamenco style one day.

Little known Fact...
Pinky is the only cat in the band with blue eyes and has been in the band since the beginning.